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Voluson P6

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  • Voluson P6 EUR 15,900.00 + Tax

    Compact and easy to use console
    17 inch LED monitor
    Convex probe (4C-RS)
    Endocavity probe (IC9-RS)
    Black & White Printer
    Auto optimization for B-scan and Doppler
    Sensitive color Doppler for the selective display of closely adjacent vessels and flows
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Product Benefits

What the Voluson P6 does

An excellent introduction to imaging in gynecology and obstetrics. Provides excellent clinical images for all patient types quickly and easily. A powerful system that optimizes your workflow.
- Excellent clarity and detail in 2D images.
- Superb sensitivity into anatomy and function with Advanced Color Doppler.
- Consistent imaging even in difficult-to-image patients with exceptional penetration.
- Automated tools help reduce keystrokes and provide consistency to support clinical decision-making (eg. SonoBiometry)
- Text or email images to patients or colleagues directly from the console, for an instant connection with TricefyTM inside.

Effortless, simplified imaging

Simply apply the transducer and receive the required image information directly - without time-consuming modification of the device settings. With the Voluson Performance System, you can quickly and easily obtain meaningful results on a wide range of patients and diagnostic questions 

- Excellent 2D images - clear and detailed images in highest spatial resolution
- Further developed color Doppler - for the selective representation of closely adjacent vessels and flows
- High penetration with uniform focusing - delivers reliable results even under difficult examination conditions
- Image optimization at the touch of a button - for fast, efficient imaging

Innovations for gynecology

Automatic Optimization - in B-scan mode, the gray value dynamics can be flexibly adapted to the individual examination conditions. For this purpose, the echo intensities prevailing in the middle area of a sectional image are analyzed and used to adjust the gray scale.

Raw echo processing - the architecture of the Voluson P6 enables the storage and archiving of sonograms and Doppler data in the form of the original acoustic echo impulses and not as image pixels (as was previously usual).

Connectivity - the Voluson P6 offers efficiency and security through secure email, MMS and USB 3.0 export directly from the system. These easy-to-use features save valuable time communicating with referring physicians, colleagues or patients and help you focus on what's important.

Clinical Application

Gynecological Sonography

High-resolution sonography of the female reproductive and urogenital organs is increasingly opening up valid diagnostic possibilities for the early detection of pathological changes and the introduction of targeted measures. This enables detection of anomalies and pathologies in the uterus and ovaries. In addition, modern imaging techniques are also suitable for fertility consultations and for diagnosing the causes of infertility.

Infertility diagnosis and treatment

The Voluson P6 supports your work with innovative and helpful developments for fertility treatment. Helpful assisted reproductive functions, developed in collaboration with leading specialists in this field, help you increase the potential for successful treatment.

Caring for patients with fertility problems is a complex challenge. Additional information can help you make confident decisions about diagnosis, treatment and monitoring.

Obstetrics & Childbirth

The Voluson P6 offers an excellent introduction to imaging in gynecology and obstetrics. With the Voluson P6 you can quickly and easily generate excellent clinical images for all types of patients. A powerful system that optimizes your workflow. The Voluson P6 helps you to get more information for a fast, effective decision making and a patient-friendly delivery process. 

Service and Support

Tricefy® - Web-based Image Management

Tricefy® is a web-based solution for sharing and archiving medical images and findings.

Increase your customers satisfaction by sending them images, videos and findings in easy-readable form directly from your Voluson P6. Increase your workflow effectiveness through collaboration with referring physicians, colleagues and experts. Save your images, videos and findings in Tricefy® - secure and legally compliant cloud.

Tricefy® is fully compliant with the GDPR data protection directive.

Probe Care solutions

- Assess your probe fleet with the FirstCallTM analysis tool to anticipate breakdowns and give you visibility on the health of your probe fleet. A technician is coming on site and will provide you with a comprehensive report including recommendations

- Your multivendor probe partner from repair to replacement. We provide certified repair with free handling of logistics processes

- Loaner probe service around the clock

- Benefit from an entire service to reprocess your ultrasound probes with cleaning, disinfection, transport and storage solutions

Voluson Club

Voluson club –  your free access to learning videos, tips on optimal settings for your device, clinical posters, news and much more.

Support Materials

Voluson P6 Product Manual

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